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2018 - 2019 Acknowledgement of Risks Agreement

Ski Ability Zones: Please refer to this ski ability chart when selecting a lesson
Symbol for First Time Skier Ability FIRST-TIMER (FT) Never skied before or is unable to stop in a wedge on the easiest of green trails. Learning to stop in a wedge and turn in both directions for speed control.
Symbol for Beginner Skier Ability BEGINNER (BG) Can control speed by linking turns and stopping in a wedge on green terrain. Learning to match skis and skid turns to explore green trails on the mountain.
Symbol for Advanced Beginner Skier Ability ADVANCED BEGINNER (AB) Can link turns with mostly parallel skis to control speed. Can stop when desired on ALL green and easy blue trails. Learning to comfortably make parallel turns on blue terrain.
Symbol for Intermediate Skier Ability INTERMEDIATE (IN) Can consistently make parallel turns to control speed on most blue terrain. Working on technique in a variety of snow conditions, varying turn size and shape. Learning to carve on blue terrain.
Symbol for Advanced Skier Ability ADVANCED (AD) Can carve parallel skis more than skidding. Can vary turn size and shape as desired to control speed on ALL blue and double blue terrain. Exploring black terrain.
Symbol for Expert Skier Ability EXPERT (EX) Can perform dynamic skiing in almost all conditions/terrain with confidence. Exploring extremes.

I, the undersigned, being at least 18 years of age, hereby represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of child(ren) listed below (individually and collectively referred to hereinafter as "my Child"). This agreement is valid and binding for the entire 2018 - 2019 ski season.

Please let us know if your Child has any health conditions by completing the Allergies/Medications/Special Needs section in the box below; then complete the Special Needs Form when you pick up your tickets. If there is no entry made in the Allergies/Medications/Special Needs section, we assume there are no allergies or special needs of which we should be aware.

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4. I desire that my Child participate in one or more of the following programs offered by Deer Valley Resort Company LLC hereinafter collectively ("Deer Valley") during the 2018 - 2019 season. I understand when I enroll my Child in the Ski School, my Child could participate in the following Deer Valley programs:


(Hereinafter individually and collectively the “Program”)

If in Deer Valley’s judgment my Child is enrolled in a program not appropriate to his or her age/ability level, Deer Valley HAS MY PERMISSION TO MOVE MY CHILD to the appropriate program, when space is available. If space is not available in the appropriate program, I understand that my Child will be placed in the care of a Deer Valley employee until I can be contacted.

I am aware that snow skiing, ski racing, freestyle skiing and related activities involve many natural and man-made RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS , including but not limited to changing weather, all snow and light conditions; variations in terrain (natural and man-made); moguls, trees, bare-spots, stumps, forest growth, cliffs, drop-offs, rocks and debris, lift towers, snowmaking hydrants, water pipes, fencing, rope-lines, signs, posts; incidents relating to chairlift loading, riding and unloading; man-made terrain features, including but not limited to rails, boxes, dips, rolls, jumps, banked turns and spines; skiing beyond one’s abilities; equipment failures, collisions, and the negligence of others. I also understand that my Child may encounter such risks at ANY TIME OR PLACE , and that SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH MAY RESULT. I, nevertheless, have made a voluntary choice to enter my Child in the Program. I AM AWARE THAT UNLESS MY CHILD IS ENROLLED IN THE BAMBI OR FAWN PROGRAM, HE OR SHE MAY BE RIDING ON THE CHAIRLIFT ALONE. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN IF ACCOMPANIED ON THE CHAIRLIFT BY AN ADULT, MY CHILD MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE SAME RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS AS IF HE OR SHE WERE RIDING ALONE. I acknowledge that the fact that Deer Valley is providing skiing instruction to my Child does not change the risks, dangers and hazards of skiing and lift riding, loading or unloading.

I understand that my Child may encounter many RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS associated with his or her activities or the actions of others at the Children’s Center, including but not limited to tripping, falling, colliding with objects or other people, choking, and the deliberate or negligent acts of others.

I also recognize that due to the competitive nature of the activities, ski racing and freestyle skiing are likely to be more hazardous than recreational skiing. I have made a voluntary choice to allow my child to participate in these activities despite the RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS that they present. I agree that Deer Valley Resort shall have no duty to warn me or my Child of the nature, layout or condition of the race course and man-made terrain features. I accept responsibility for educating myself and my Child as to the nature, layout and condition of the race course and man-made terrain features.

5. In the event my Child’s equipment becomes unsafe, is broken, or is misplaced, I authorize Deer Valley to fit my Child with equipment from the Deer Valley Rental Shop, if available, so that my Child may continue his or her lessons. I further authorize a Deer Valley representative to execute the Rental Shop form and Acknowledgement of Risks on my Child’s behalf. I agree to pay Deer Valley the cost of such equipment rental.

6. I further authorize Deer Valley to call for medical care for my Child or to transport my Child to the Deer Valley Clinic or a hospital, if in the opinion of anyone working at the Deer Valley Resort Company medical attention is needed for my Child. I agree that upon the transporting of my Child to any medical facility, clinic or hospital that the responsibility of Deer Valley shall be totally fulfilled and Deer Valley shall not have any further responsibility for my Child.

7. I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation for my Child and INDEMNIFY and hold Deer Valley HARMLESS for any costs incurred therefore.

8. I warrant and represent that my Child is in good health and there are no special problems associated with the care of my Child and I have left no special instructions regarding my Child, unless contained above and on the 2018 - 2019 Special Needs Form available upon ticket pickup.

9. By signing below, I agree to all the Reservation, Wait List, Payment, No-show, Cancellation and Refund policies, including but not limited to cancelling or changing my product(s) before 5 p.m. (MST) three (3) days prior to the reservation date in order to receive a full refund or be assessed the applicable fee. I agree to pay Deer Valley the full cost of all of my 2018 - 2019 Skier Services products, including charges for additional days of equipment rentals, childcare and/or lessons.

10. To the extent any portion of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. Any legal action against Deer Valley will be filed only in the State of Utah.

I have carefully read and I understand this agreement and all of its terms and submit it freely and voluntarily and agree that it is binding upon me and my heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives. I intend that this agreement be valid and binding for the entire 2018 - 2019 ski season.

I also understand that this Agreement and Release is fully binding and applicable for the ENTIRE YEAR in which the Agreement and Release is signed and is NOT LIMITED to the specific date the Agreement and Release is signed regardless of whether I have or obtain a season pass or not. This Agreement and Release is NOT LIMITED in any way to just inherent risks, but covers non-inherent risks as well and injuries sustained by me for any cause or reason without limitation.

I hereby grant exclusive permission to Deer Valley Resort and its agents to use my child’s name and photograph for the purpose of publicity, public relations, editorial or other advertising purpose without restriction as to frequency or duration. I also agree that neither my minor child nor I will be entitled to any compensation in exchange for my granting this exclusive permission to Deer Valley Resort and its agents.