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Deer Valley Center Director, Tracy Webb Deer Valley Center Director, Tracy Webb

Tracy Webb

My love for children began at a very young age in California where I began babysitting at age 10.  After high school I worked in an emergency shelter in Florida and a nanny in Connecticut.  I knew I had found my passion.  I moved to Utah in 1994 and began teaching Preschool in Head Start.  My life would not be complete without the precious little children surrounding me daily.  This is my 13th year at Deer Valley and I look forward to work each day, both for the children who bring a smile to my face, as well as the amazing teachers we have in Academy.

Infants & Little Tots Teachers

Deer Valley Academy teacher, Kate Nelsen
Kate Nelsen

I have taught at Deer Valley Academy for six years, watching over the youngest of our children in the Infant and Little Tots rooms. I was also a nanny during 2020. I was an in-home daycare provider in California before moving to Utah. My early childhood years were in Minnesota. I also spent two years in South Carolina with trips taken to Florida, Washington DC and New York City. Travel is a favorite hobby of mine and is important to expanding my horizons. I also enjoy reading.

Deer Valley Academy teacher, Grace Storelli
Grace Storelli

I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. The past few years I have traveled across the country while pursuing my degree in Human Services. I have worked with ages ranging from newborn to eight years old and I find with each age I learn to love more about the growing minds around me. I started working at Deer Valley in May of this year and completely fell in love with the community here. I look forward to continuing my first year at Deer Valley with your children!

Big Tots & Little Kids Teachers

Deer Valley Academy teacher, Erin McGlamry
Erin McGlamry

I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, and then lived in Atlanta for 12 years. I learned to ski at Deer Valley about 23 years ago and have loved it here ever since. I now live in Salt Lake City and am very excited to work at Deer Valley Academy for my third year.
Deer Valley Academy teacher, Flor Santa Maria
Flor Santa Maria

I am originally from Argentina. I came to Deer Valley as part of the J1 program and just couldn't stay away. I've been living in Park City since 2020. Having worked with children since I was 17, I can genuinely say that I've fallen in love with Early Childhood Education. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to move up to the Little Kids classroom with my original class and can't wait to embark on a new learning journey with them.
academy staff member smiling
Mary Freeman

My husband and I settled in Utah five years ago after moving around the country and living in several states, as well as England. I have seven years of experience teaching children while living in Vermont and three years of experience as a private nanny in Virginia. I love having young children in my life and am excited to return to Deer Valley Academy for my second year.

Preschool Teachers

Deer Valley Academy teacher, Kat Ellison
Kat Ellison

I am a Utah native who loves exploring all that nature has to offer, as well as a music enthusiast. I am an avid skier, and a Level 2 certified ski instructor here at Deer Valley. I have a background in Biotechnology, the medical field, and the financial industry. However, now I have found my true calling in teaching the beautiful minds of young children.
Photo of Deer Valley Academy preschool teacher
Olga Woolley

I grew up in Central Asia and earned my master's degree in teaching Russian and English from the State University of Uzbekistan. With over 30 years of experience, I have taught numerous age groups in different countries. Upon arriving to the United States and beginning my new role as a Deer Valley Academy Teacher, I discovered the amazing world of 3- and 4-year-olds, a world where nothing is impossible and great discoveries happen every minute.
academy staff member smiling
Hailey Stuart

Raised in Oregon, I skied at Deer Valley while growing up. In 2017, I moved to Utah to attend the University of Utah, majoring in Recreational Therapy and minoring in Family, Community and Human Development. I started working at Deer Valley in the Children's Center two ski seasons ago and have also worked in the Deer Valley Summer Adventure Camp as well. This will be my sixth year working at the Deer Valley and I am excited to help in Academy as much as possible.