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Offering competitive wages, great benefits and perks!

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Join The Deer Valley Family

Offering competitive wages, great benefits and perks!

Classic, consistent quality from a winning team!
Deer Valley Resort is nestled in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, just 38 miles east of Salt Lake City International Airport, in the historic mining town of Park City which has evolved into an exciting and diverse mountain ski town. Deer Valley Resort is home to a staff of over 2,800 wonderful individuals. Our staff consists of locals, transplants and seasonal workers from all 50 states as well as international students from around the globe. We are a diverse workforce where everyone feels welcome, appreciated and valued. No matter if you are 14 or 84 years, there is a place for you in the Deer Valley family!

Find a great job at a resort that's not only one of the best in the world, it feels a lot like home (last year over 1,100 staff members celebrated their fifth season or more at Deer Valley). We have many indoor and outdoor opportunities — with great perks and benefits — in Food & Beverage, Mountain Operations, Lodging Operations and Skier Services.

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Human Resources: 435-645-6654 |
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Daily by appointment only

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We appreciate your interest and look forward to you joining our team of guest-service focused, exceptional individuals!

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Highlighted Jobs

We are actively hiring year-round and seasonal positions for the 2023 summer season.
Maintenance Tech Jobs in Park City Utah at Deer Valley Resort Maintenance Tech Jobs in Park City Utah at Deer Valley Resort
Maintenance Techs

Hiring Building, Fleet, Lift Techs & More!

Cooks - Chefs and other F&B jobs at Deer Valley in Park City, UT Cooks - Chefs and other F&B jobs at Deer Valley in Park City, UT
All Food & Beverage

Attendants, Cooks, Chefs & More!

Group Ski Lesson at Deer Valley Group Ski Lesson at Deer Valley
Ski Instructor

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Upcoming Hiring Events at Deer Valley Resort
Deer Valley Resort Onsite Hiring Event
October 11, 20235 - 7 p.m.2002 Room on Main Level of Snow Park Lodge
2250 Deer Valley Drive S, Park City, Utah 84060

Upcoming Hiring Events Located Outside of Deer Valley Resort

July 9, 202310 a.m. - 5 p.m.Deer Valley Job FairPark Silly Sunday Market
July 13, 20235 - 9 p.m.Deer Valley Job FairHeber Market on Main
August 3, 20235 - 9 p.m.Deer Valley Job FairHeber Market on Main

Upcoming Virtual Hiring Events at Deer Valley Resort

There are currently no virtual hiring events scheduled at this time.
The continued health, safety and well-being of our Deer Valley guests, staff and community continue to be of the utmost importance to us.

We will conduct interviews via phone, virtual, and in-person. All in-person interviews must follow the Deer Valley operating protocols.

Virtual Interview:
Confirm your Wi-Fi is reliable
Check your lighting is bright and you are visible on screen
Professional background
A quiet space, free from distractions

Benefits & Perks

When you join the Deer Valley family, you are eligible for an amazing amount of perks and benefits. Get the scoop on the goods here!
Deer Valley employee smiles with mountain bikes Deer Valley employee smiles with mountain bikes
Healthcare options, vision and dental benefits are available for staff members
125(k) Cafeteria Plan, 401(k) Savings Plan, and optional life insurance are available
A complimentary Employee Assistance Program is provided for staff members
Ski perks include skiing up to seven days per week at Deer Valley Resort during non-holiday periods, friends and family ski discounts, free staff ski lessons and discounted rentals
Free skiing or riding offered at Alterra Mountain Company-owned resorts (excluding CMH Heli-Skiing)
Free skiing or riding are offered at select local Utah resorts
Discounted lift ticket rates are available for staff members at Ikon Pass partner resorts (employee only)

Subsidized meals at Employee Dining Rooms offered for staff while on shift
A variety of discounts are offered to staff members from a wide range of businesses, restaurants, shops and service providers in and around the Park City community

Uniforms are provided for most positions


      Located in the Prospector area of Park City and on Park City's free transit system, these dorm-style accommodations offer options of either two or three people per room. Nightly rate is $17 per person.


      • Full-size refrigerator
      • Convection oven
      • Television w/Cable
      • Wi-Fi
      • Utilities included
      • Coin washer/dryer on site
      • Shared bathroom en suite
      • Located on free public transit route

      2045 Prospector Ave.
      Park City, UT 84060
      Located near the base of Park City Mountain Village and on Park City's free transit system, Snowshoe Inn offers dorm-style accommodations with two to four people per room. The nightly rate is $17 per person.

      • Full-size refrigerator
      • Convection oven
      • Television w/Cable
      • Wi-Fi
      • Utilities included
      • Coin washer/dryer on site
      • Shared bathroom en suite
      • Located on free public transit route

      1450 Empire Ave.
      Park City, UT 84060
      Snow Country Condominiums are located on Deer Valley Drive and on the free bus route in Park City. The condominiums are available for up to four people per condominium and two people per room. The nightly rate is $26.50 per person.

      • Full-size refrigerator
      • Full kitchen
      • Television w/Cable
      • Wi-Fi
      • Utilities included
      • Washer/dryer in unit
      • Shared bathroom en suite
      • Located on free public transit route

      1150 Deer Valley Drive
      Park City, UT 84060
      Located in the scenic town of Heber, Utah, Wasatch Commons offers a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom rental unit for Deer Valley staff. The nightly rate is $26.50 per person.


      • Full-size refrigerator
      • Full kitchen
      • Television w/Cable
      • Wi-Fi
      • Utilities included
      • Washer/dryer in unit
      • Shared bathroom en suite
      • Located on free public transit route (limited pickup times)

      2790 N Commons Blvd.
      Heber City, UT 84032

    • We offer a limited amount of subsidized, dorm-style housing for our staff on a first come, first served basis. Prior to moving into our staff housing, we strong suggest that you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

      • No smoking is allowed in any Deer Valley staff housing facility. Residents may smoke outside the buildings in designated areas and must be at least 25 feet from the building, per the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act
      • The following listed behaviors or items are not allowed in any staff housing facilities at any time; overnight guests, parties, fire hazards, weapons, illegal activities, excessive consumption of alcohol, underage drinking, pets
      • Residents are responsible for keeping their units clean and orderly at all times
      • Residents are responsible for obtaining a P.O. Box, mail cannot be delivered to staff housing
      • Parking is very limited at staff housing in Park City. If you plan on bringing a vehicle, you will automatically be assigned to River's Edge. A limited number of parking permits will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Please list your vehicle when you submit your housing application form and deposit
      Adam Heiden

    Specialty Programs

    FAQ's - Grooming and More

    Be in the know
    How do I apply?
    Click here to apply!

    What are the dates for the 22/23 winter ski season?
    December 3, 2022 – April 16, 2023

    When are 22/23 winter jobs posted online?
    We will start posting winter jobs in June and most of our positions will be posted online in August and September. The dates will vary based on the number of staff returning into those roles. Contact if you are interested in a specific position and do not see it online.

    What do I do after I complete my application?
    You will be contacted by a hiring manager within three days. If you have questions about employment at Deer Valley, contact us at

    Can I apply for multiple jobs?
    Yes! If you want to talk to a recruiter to help find the right position for you, please contact us at

    What do I do if the job I’m interested in is not posted online?
    The position you are interested in may be fully staffed. Contact us at for questions regarding specific positions.

    Are there grooming standards?
    Yes, please click here to view our grooming standards.

    Does Deer Valley offer staff housing?
    Yes, limited housing is available on a first come, first served basis for full-time seasonal staff. You need to apply for housing once you accept your seasonal job offer. Our housing manager is able to answer any housing questions at

    What is the minimum age to be eligible to work at Deer Valley Resort?
    We hire as young as 14 years old for part-time positions! Popular positions for teens are Dishwasher, Cook Helper, Busperson, Restaurant Host, and Restaurant Seater.

    What do I need to bring on my first day?
    Please arrive in compliance with Deer Valley grooming standards and bring your work authorization documents. (approved work documents).

    How do I get in touch with the Recruiting team?
    The Recruiting team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Email us at or call 435-940-7180.

    How are interviews conducted for the 2021 summer season?

    Interview Etiquette
    We will conduct interviews via phone, virtual, and in-person. All in-person interviews must follow the Deer Valley operating protocols.

    Virtual Interview:
    Confirm your Wi-Fi is reliable
    Make sure your lighting is bright and you are visible on screen
    Professional background
    A quiet space, free from distractions


    Deer Valley is a public-contact, service-oriented business. All our staff members must maintain a demeanor and appearance consistent with Deer Valley's first-class image and the expectations of our guests. Every staff member must be well groomed and attired in a neat, clean manner appropriate for their job.

    The following guidelines are in place to provide a consistent professional appearance at work. Itis not possible to name all scenarios regarding appearance and grooming in these guidelines. There may be occasions when your interpretation of the standards differs from our intent. In these cases, you will be asked to modify your appearance for business, brand, culture, health or safety reasons.

    Additional guidelines, other than the ones below, may be imposed at any time to ensure compliance with health and safety standards applicable to your particular job. If you have a health or religious reason that would prevent you from following the standards below, please see your supervisor and speak with the VP of Human Resources. Departure from our grooming and appearance standards without discussing it through the proper channels in advance may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of your employment.


    Consistently maintaining a clean, well dressed and neatly groomed appearance provides for a >great first impression by our guests. This ensures that we send the message to our guests that we are approachable and ready to take excellent care of their needs. Our presentation is critical to our brand and culture. Thank you in advance for following these guidelines.

    • Staff are expected to follow regular personal hygiene/personal care standards in order to avoid offensive odors
    • Excessive perfume or cologne odor is not acceptable
    • Hands and fingernails must be clean. Nails should be conservative in length and well maintained. Conservative and well-maintained colored nail polish may be worn except where prohibited by health standards. Please see your supervisor for details on where nail polish is restricted
    • Makeup or cosmetics must promote a professional image and must be conservative in nature. Extreme colors and excessive amounts of make-up are not acceptable, and you may be asked to remove it if it attracts undue attention

    Hair Standards

    • Hairstyles must not be distracting or draw undue attention. Neat and well-groomed hairstyles are required while on duty. Hair that does not meet our standards may not be hidden in a hat to avoid our policy
    • For health and safety purposes (i.e. working with or around machinery, or in the kitchens), you may be asked to tie your hair back and restrain it at all times while on duty
    • Excessive styles such as mohawks, partially shaved heads, shaved geometric patterns or designs, large spikes, styles that cover the eyes or face, or other distracting styles will not be allowed
    • Keeping in mind your overall professional image should not draw undue attention. You may be asked to modify your hairstyle if it doesn't meet these standards

    Facial Hair

    • Facial hair of a conservative style and natural color is allowed and can create an overall neat and polished look. Neatly trimmed facial hair that does not exceed ½ inch in length and in one of the three styles (depicted in Appendix D) is acceptable. No other interpretations will be allowed
    • Facial hair must be groomed and defined, including, where applicable, clearly groomed neck and cheek lines. If you do not shave or groom daily, you are not in compliance with this policy. This policy does not allow patchy beards
    • Mustaches cannot extend more than ½ inch beyond the corner of the lips
    • Conservative and neatly trimmed sideburns are allowed and must not extend in length beyond the earlobe. No flares or mutton chop styles will be permitted

    Jewelry Standards

    • Jewelry, including rings, necklaces and watches, must be conservative in nature and not draw undue attention. Some jewelry might present a safety or health hazard for your position, and you may be asked to remove the jewelry
    • Conservative earrings are allowed but no more than three per ear. Tunnels, barbells, spikes and spirals are not allowed
    • One tasteful and unobtrusive nose stud or nose ring is allowed. Tongue, lip, eyebrow, or other facial piercings of any other kind are not permitted
    • Earlobes that have been gaged to ½ inch are allowed but must be plugged with only flesh tone filler gages while on duty
    • You will be asked to remove or adjust your jewelry if your appearance doesn't meet these standards


    • Non-offensive visible tattoos, in moderation, which do not distract from our professional image, will be allowed
    • Tattoos with offensive words or images, racist or other discriminatory messages, nudity, violent imagery and those that depict anything illegal are strictly prohibited
    • The company has the final judgment of what constitutes acceptable tattoos and you may be asked to completely conceal a tattoo


    Whether you are wearing a uniform provided by Deer Valley or your own work attire, you should project a positive, professional image. Clothing may not be "extreme" (too short, too bare, too tight, too baggy, too sheer, soiled, or otherwise inconsistent with a professional appearance). As always, your supervisor will provide guidance regarding what is appropriate to wear for your position. Please direct questions in this matter to your supervisor

    • Your clothing must be neat, clean and appropriate for your job
    • All staff members are required to be in uniform or proper work attire when clocking in and out for their shifts
    • Company issued hats or company approved helmets, when appropriate, are the only acceptable head gear while on duty. Ball caps may be appropriate for some inside positions
    • Footwear requirements will vary by position but all footwear worn on the job must be clean and in good repair. For health and safety reasons, you may be asked to wear closed-toed shoes or footwear specific to the needs of your position
    • In some instances, your VP may establish a more restrictive personal appearance policy. If you have any questions about dress code requirements, ask your supervisor

    Staff Members Issued a Uniform

    Deer Valley will furnish certain uniform items to staff who are required to wear a specific uniform. Some positions require staff to wear specific pieces, check with your supervisor regarding what is appropriate for your position and how it is to be worn. There may be some specific, approved uniform pieces for purchase by the staff member.

    Specified uniform items will be issued, cleaned, and returned through, the Equipment Issue department. Some specific uniform items may be exchanged for clean ones at Equipment Issue. Non-returnable items will need to be maintained by the staff member as personal presentation is key to a professional image. Staff are expected to keep their uniforms in good repair. Deer Valley may charge the staff member for any company provided item damaged beyond normal wear and tear, or any item that has been lost. Any staff member who loses a uniform item (or thinks it may have been stolen) should report the situation immediately to the appropriate.

    Equipment Issue office and complete a lost or stolen uniform report. Appropriate deductions may be made from the staff member’s final paycheck for uniform items not returned. A staff member who terminates employment prior to the end of the season will be charged for non-returnable uniform items (hats, headbands and turtlenecks) that were issued to him or her.

    • Staff may use staff facilities to change in or out of uniform or may wear their uniforms to and from work
    • Staff who choose to wear their uniforms to and from work are strictly prohibited from wearing them in public places off resort property
    • All layered clothing under your uniform pieces should not be visible while in uniform

    Staff Members Not Issued a Uniform

    To maintain Deer Valley's first-class image, all on-duty staff who are not issued uniforms are expected to adhere to our guidelines for proper attire.

    • When your position requires your own personal pants to be worn while on duty please note that slacks (to include denim pants of a single color that are free from holes, rips, tears, distressing or embellishment), skirts or dresses in modest lengths, or Bermuda-length shorts (during summer months) are acceptable, as long as they are in good taste and reflect a professional standard. Yoga pants, sweatpants, or other casual knit type pants are not acceptable
    • Clothing with competitor’s logos or other non-approved or affiliated brands may not be worn on duty


    Employees using Deer Valley facilities while off duty should exercise discretion so they do not draw attention to the fact they are receiving discounted or complimentary benefits. Our off-duty dress code follows the general rules of employee dress. Please keep in mind that there are other modes of dress not covered here that may also be deemed unacceptable.

    • During the winter, T-shirts without collars and shorts are not acceptable for any employee using Deer Valley guest facilities. During the summer months, shorts and T-shirts may be worn if they are in good repair and the shorts are of moderate length. Army fatigues are not acceptable at any time
    • Employee grooming standards must be maintained
    • Clothing should be in good condition, clean with no holes or rips
    • When dining at a Deer Valley in guest facing operations, staff must dress in appropriate dining attire
    • When skiing, employees are required to wear appropriate ski attire in good repair, and to adhere to employee grooming standards
    Deer Valley Resort utilizes the U.S. government system, E-Verify, to verify an individual's eligibility for work in the United States. This Internet-based system is an immediate, consistent and non-discriminatory method that is widely used across the country.

    More Information

    Deer Valley Resort is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. Should you require an accommodation to apply at Deer Valley Resort, please contact us at 435-645-6654 or