Image of living room in private residence. Image of living room in private residence.

Here for You

Deer Valley’s Rental Management Program is customized to fit the individual needs of each homeowner.

Homeowner Services

A guest is talking with the lodging property front desk staff

A member of our management team is on-site at most locations to attend to homeowner needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A lodging front desk agent assists a guest fill out pre-arrival paperwork

Custom arrival preparations is provided with stocking household goods, groceries and other servicesfor each homeowner.

The Lodges at Deer Valley at night during the winter season

24-hour security services and nightly patrols provide assurance your property is safe while you or your guests are away or in-house.

The Deer Valley Maintenance Team smiles for a group picture

On-site maintenance team that provides routine inspections and on-demand support if you or your guests experience any issues.

Two housekeepers make a bed at a private residence

Daily housekeeping when rental guests are in-house. This unique benefit ensures us that your home is taken care of during guest stays.

The linens have been changed out and the bed has been made in a master bedroom

A linen program that promotes the safety and well-being of our guests by having bedding washed and sanitized between guest stays

An image of an outdoor spa at a Deer Valley lodging property

Regular hot tub service and maintenance (if applicable). Daily service is provided while guests are in-house

Frequently Asked Questions

What initial fees are associated with joining the rental program?
Once you have entered into a management agreement with Deer Valley Resort Lodging and Reservations, we can assist you in completing the final set up of your residence. During set up, there are fees associated with an initial linen requirement per bed, bathroom and kitchen. We will also coordinate the city inspection and business license required to be in rental, as well as any purchases you may need to meet the requirements of the ‘Standards List’.

What other expenses can I expect to pay?
As an owner, you are responsible for all of your utilities including local phone, high-speed Internet, cable, water, electric and gas (if applicable). At various properties in the Deer Valley area, basic utilities may be handled by the Homeowners Association (HOA). While Deer Valley is responsible for housekeeping services provided to rental guests, owners are responsible for housekeeping services related to owner and owner guest stays. In addition, an annual deep clean of the property will occur each year, which includes dry cleaning and carpet cleaning. The owner is also responsible for the cost of major maintenance and any parts required to maintain the property in a first-class condition, annual comprehensive maintenance checks and replacement of housewares. In addition to the costs outlined above, the owner is responsible for the annual renewal cost of a Park City business license, an appliance maintenance agreement (where applicable), and an annual pro-rated linen replacement fee.

What is the rental revenue split?
The rental revenue split with each owner may vary from property to property based on a number of factors including location, operating costs funded by the homeowners association, level of services provided, etc. Please check with each of our properties to obtain a property specific rental management agreement.

How are you going to market my property?
Deer Valley Resort has a powerful marketing team with extensive experience and long running ties to our community and the resort business in general. A large amount of time, money and resources are invested to drive new and returning guests to the resort and your property. Properties are marketed through local, regional, national and international print and digital advertising as well as printed materials, brochures, and earned and owned media.

What will the nightly rates be for my property? Can I set my own rates?
As a large property management company, much of our success is derived from our experience in operating flexible and dynamic rate yield strategies. Knowing the market mix, maintaining flexibility and applying strategy is what allows for continued growth and increased revenues. Allowing individual owners to set rules or rates would impede our success overall and virtually eliminate the strategies in place that allow for revenue maximization.

How many nights can I expect my property to be rented during the year? How much revenue can I expect to earn?
While we cannot predict revenue or nightly use, we do have historical data that can be helpful in elaborating on your residence’s potential for future bookings and use. The number of rental nights generated by property can be impacted from year-to-year based on snow conditions, the economy, owner and owner guest use, location of property, interior décor, repeat clientele and guest amenities available to rental guests both in the residence and at the property.

How does my property compare to the other properties that you manage? Do you have a rating system for the properties you manage?
Because Deer Valley Resort represents only high quality properties, we do not utilize a rating system for the available rental residences. Each residence is classified by its bedroom size and property location and will generally compete directly with other residences of the same size or similar offerings. One of the best ways to measure the quality of a residence in comparison to another is to ask the on-site management team to show you several other residences at the property that represent similar set up and a high quality standard for that property.

How do you decide which property to book for a rental guest? Is there a method to disbursing reservations amongst all residences in rental?
There are several options for our guests to complete the reservation process. When a guest calls into our Reservations Call Center requesting a particular size, location, features, type of residence or any special needs, they are led through an extensive consultative process by one of our Vacation Planners who assists them in selecting the property best-suited to them. Based on this process, we do everything possible to fulfill our guests’ requests and needs. Guests may also choose to arrange their entire reservation through our website, The online website also searches specific criteria, which include location, property type, ski access and size. When guests call or book online with no specific requests or needs, our management system suggests the best placement for the reservation based on the revenue and owner usage.

How can I reserve my property for personal use?
Each property has appointed an Owner Services liaison who you will utilize as your primary point of communication for personal property use throughout the year. However, a detailed explanation of owner use and booking parameters can be found in the Rental Management Agreement. The agreement essentially states that each spring, an Owner Reservation Form is sent out to all owners so that they may request dates for the summer as well as the upcoming ski season. These dates must be returned by March 1 for summer and May 1 for winter. Outside of this official process, owners may contact the Owner Services liaison to make or change reservations at any time, depending upon availability of the property.

Is there a limit on the number of nights that I can use my residence?
There is no limit on the number of nights that an owner can use their residence. If the owner’s goal is to maximize revenue, they should make the property available for as much of the year as possible. If your goal is to maximize revenue, it is important to recognize that significant owner occupancy will reduce the overall opportunity for revenue. While this is most obvious during holiday and peak occupancy periods, regular and shoulder seasons yield the remainder of the revenue opportunity.

Can I let friends and family use my residence? Can I rent my residence myself?
While you are under contract with Deer Valley Resort, use by the owner’s family and friends is allowed with the understanding that the owner is not to rent the residence directly or through any entity other than Deer Valley Resort. This restriction is explained more clearly in the Rental Management Agreement.
How is my residence secured?
If at any time someone other than a Deer Valley Resort employee is authorized to access the property, they must present I.D. to receive a key from the front desk. The key must be returned by the end of the day. Each evening, our security personnel inspect each property for which a key has been issued to make certain everything is secure and in proper order. After each guest departs, our housekeeping staff completes a post-stay inspection of the residence. Our staff check the residence for damage, belongings left behind and ensure all doors and windows are secure, all appliances are turned off, the heat is turned down and the lights are turned off.

If a guest damages my property, who pays for it?
While each homeowner is responsible to carry insurance to protect against any significant disaster, each guest is required to provide a credit card upon check-in. Properties are monitored daily by the housekeeping and maintenance staff. When damage is reported, Deer Valley Resort will use reasonable efforts to ascertain the identity of the responsible party and to assess the costs of such repair or replacement against the responsible party.

How does housekeeping work?
As an integral part of any guest experience, our housekeeping departments maintain continuous training and quality control. Daily housekeeping services are provided to all rental guests by Deer Valley Resort at no additional fee, a concept that many other management companies do not employ. We perform daily cleaning, mid-week services and a departure full clean after each stay. Pre-arrival inspections and randomized mid-stay cleaning inspections are performed by our Housekeeping Area Managers and Inspectors. Whenever possible, our properties are organized into geographic areas, each of which is assigned an Area Manager and a staff of housekeepers. This enables our staff to become familiar with each individual property and improves the quality of service provided.