Winter Season Mountain and Safety Policies
The mountain is closed to winter sports activities at all times, except during operating hours. It is against the law for any skier to enter a closed area inside the resort and is a misdemeanor (Park City Criminal Code section 8-2-9) to ski past rope lines, into closed areas or areas deemed unsafe by the Ski Patrol. This includes backcountry skiers accessing the resort though roped boundaries. Roped boundaries are closed boundaries and skiers may not trespass into Deer Valley property this way, whether you have a resort ski pass or not.

This is a winter environment, with many inherent natural and man-made hazards, both in and around the resort’s facilities and on the mountain. Such hazards exist and may or may not be marked. Poles, flags, fencing, signs and padding are for skier awareness and are not a guarantee of safety. Weather and snow conditions are constantly changing. It is up to you to be aware of these conditions and ski in control to avoid obstacles and hazards, whether they are marked or unmarked. Trail ratings represent the degree of difficulty of trails at Deer Valley and may be different than other resorts. Trail difficulty can change as weather and snow conditions change. Deer Valley features many gladed tree skiing areas. Consult a Mountain Host or Ski Patroller for guidance before entering these areas. If you are involved in a skier collision resulting in injury to any person, the law requires you to stop at the scene and render reasonable assistance which may include notifying resort personnel or warding off other skiers while waiting for aid. The law also requires you to give your name and permanent address to a resort employee before leaving the vicinity of the collision.
Uphill Travel Policy
Deer Valley Resort (the “Resort”) does not allow uphill travel of any kind within its Resort boundaries. This includes hiking, snowshoeing, skinning, or any other method of travel. No homeowners or members of the general public are allowed uphill travel access on the Resort property at any time. In addition, backcountry skiers may not enter into the resort through roped boundaries at any time.

Snowmaking operations, grooming equipment, snowmobiles, and other operational exercises can present hazards to uphill users on a 24-hour basis. Deer Valley Resort cannot represent to the public that there is a safe area or time to allow uphill travel or access into the resort from the backcountry.

Those seeking an uphill travel experience can access the Bonanza Flat Conservation Area, 1,534 acres of backcountry terrain adjacent to Deer Valley Resort. This terrain can be accessed by parking at the trailhead just east of Empire Canyon Lodge on State Highway 224. Access to the Bonanza Flat Conservation Area is via Guardsman Pass from the trailhead. Please note, backcountry skiers are not allowed to ski into Deer Valley Resort boundaries from this area.

Your Responsibility Code
  1. Always stay in control. You must be able to stop or avoid people or objects.
  2. People ahead or downhill of you have the right-of-way. You must avoid them.
  3. Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic.
  4. Look uphill and avoid others before starting downhill or entering a trail.
  5. You must prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Read and obey all signs, warnings, and hazard markings.
  7. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  8. You must know how and be able to load, ride and unload lifts safely. If you need assistance, ask the lift attendant.
  9. Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  10. If you are involved in a collision or incident, share your contact information with each other and a ski area employee.

Winter sports involve risk of serious injury or death. Your knowledge, decisions and actions contribute to your safety and that of others. If you need help understanding the Code, please ask any ski area employee.
Slow Zones
There are designated slow ski areas indicated on the trail map. Look out for skiers around you and be able to stop or avoid people or objects. These places are high skier traffic areas so please slow down while skiing through them.
Ski Patrol
Professional patrollers are present on the mountain daily, providing guest information and emergency assistance. Patrol buildings are located at the top of the Sterling Express, Empire Express, Lady Morgan Express, Carpenter Express, Northside Express, and the Mountaineer Express and Jordanelle Express Gondola. If you witness an accident, please notify a Ski Patroller or a Lift Attendant, or call 435-645-6804 or 435-649-1000. To protect an injured skier, vertically cross your skis in the snow uphill from the accident until a Patroller arrives.
Sledding And Snow Play
The following activities sledding, uphill travel, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and hiking are not permitted at Deer Valley at any time of the day or night during the ski season.

Our grooming and snowmaking operations are conducted during off-hours. By their presence on the slopes during these operations, unauthorized persons are exposing themselves to extreme hazards. In addition to the dangers posed by the highly pressurized snowmaking equipment, our snowcats and snowmobiles continually traverse the slopes during the grooming process. Aside from the hazards involved, Utah law and local ordinances make the entry on the ski area outside of normal business hours a trespass.
Snow Safety/Avalanche Mitigation
The Ski Patrol performs avalanche mitigation and snow safety efforts in certain areas at Deer Valley. Please observe all closures and signage and keep out of closed areas until the Ski Patrol opens them.

Avalanches are an inherent risk of skiing. Deer Valley’s efforts reduce the risk of avalanches; however, avalanches may occur at any time both inside and outside the resort’s boundaries. Deep snow and tree wells can create a suffocation hazard. Do not ski alone.