Published January 30, 2024

In Episode 3 of the Chairlift Chat Series, Todd Bennett, President and COO of Deer Valley, interviews Jacob Musyt, Vice President of Food and Beverage. They discuss Jacob's rise from his first job at age 15 to leading the resort’s renowned culinary team. The conversation highlights his approach to blending tradition with innovation in the menu, his leadership style, and his commitment to upholding Deer Valley’s high standards. This episode offers insights into the culinary excellence and team dynamics that contribute to the resort’s success.

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In the serene surroundings of Deer Valley, Todd and Jacob engage in a friendly and informative exchange while riding the chairlift. Their conversation delves into Jacob's extensive background in the hospitality and food and beverage industry, which has taken him from mountainous adventures with his father to luxurious hotels across the country and even Asia.

Jacob describes his lifelong passion for hospitality, beginning his career at age 15 and exploring various roles within luxury hotels and restaurants. His connection to Deer Valley started over a decade ago, and after a period of pursuing opportunities elsewhere, a call from a recruiter brought him back to the place he loves. Jacob's return to Deer Valley was driven by its reputation for exceptional culinary experiences, a pivotal factor that resonated with his professional aspirations and personal love for the mountains.

Jacob highlights his strategic approach to enhancing the food and beverage program at Deer Valley. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining classic dishes like the Turkey Chili while also introducing innovative culinary concepts. This balance ensures that both longstanding and new guests enjoy a blend of familiarity and novelty. Jacob's leadership is evident in how he manages to preserve the foundational elements of the resort's dining experience while pushing culinary boundaries to keep the offerings exciting and fresh.

Leadership is a central theme as Jacob discusses managing a diverse team that includes employees from around the globe. He believes in leading by example and staying actively involved in daily operations, which he sees as essential for instilling the 'Deer Valley Difference' in every team member. This approach not only enriches the guest experience but also solidifies a team ethos based on mutual respect and dedication to service excellence.

Jacob and Todd reflect on the successful integration of tradition and innovation at Deer Valley. They discuss the importance of attention to detail and the continuous effort to enhance every aspect of the guest experience. With a clear vision for the future, Jacob is committed to upholding the high standards set by Deer Valley’s founders while embracing new challenges that drive the resort forward.

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