Sunday ski experience clinic at Deer Valley Resort Sunday ski experience clinic at Deer Valley Resort
The Sunday Ski Experience welcomes youth 3 to 12 years of age and all abilities. Designed to improve your child’s skiing in a fun learning environment, the program is offered over seven Sunday sessions. Children ages 3 - 4 will spend part of the day skiing and the rest indoors. Lunch is included for full-day programs. Advance reservations are required.

Renting equipment from us? Please plan to pick up your gear from the rental shop 30 to 60 minutes prior to the program start time.

22/23 Season Dates:
December 3, 2022 - April 16, 2023, conditions permitting
Chairlift Hours: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
For specific chairlift hours and status, please click here.

Please contact:
Skier Services Contact Center
888-754-8477 | 435-645-6648
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

21/22 Sunday Ski Experience Rates
AgeSki TimeRatioRateLift Ticket Add-On
3 years1 hour and 15 minutes: AM or PM
1:1$987$40 per day
4 years2-1/2 to 3 hours: AM or PM2:1$987$40 per day
5 - 6 years9 a.m. - 3 p.m.4:1$987$90 per day
7 - 12 years9 a.m. - 3 p.m.6:1$987$90 per day
Lift ticket, ski equipment, and helmet rentals are not included in the price of the clinic.

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Sunday Specialty Ski Program is sold out. Please call our Skier Services Contact Center at 435-645-6648 for assistance to be placed on our waitlist.
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View Online Availability
Upon completion of your reservation, please fill out the Acknowledgement of Risks Agreement below. For additional questions or to make a reservation, please call our Skier Services Contact Center at 888-754-8477 or 435-645-6648.

Acknowledgement of Risks Agreement
Policies and Information
Lift tickets are required for every skier or lesson participant. Lift tickets can be included in the Children’s Specialty program pricing at the time of booking. We recommend you check your specific program for full details

All specialty programs must be reserved in advance to ensure availability

We cannot guarantee placement in group lessons or specialty programs with friends or relatives. To ensure a quality product, we must form classes based on age and ability zone

We are not able to honor requests for specific instructors in any group lesson or specialty program

Minimum and accurate age requirements are strictly observed for each child’s safety. We reserve the right to move children to the appropriate ability zone based on their skill level or if it is determined that the child’s date of birth has been incorrectly stated

Children placed in a program because their birth date is incorrectly stated are not guaranteed a place in the program. Parents will be called to pick up their children and cancellation fees will apply

Rental equipment is not included with any Skier Services lessons. To ensure availability, you must reserve in advance. Please allow a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes to collect your rental equipment and arrive at your meeting location on time. During peak periods, this process may take longer. Refunds will not be issued for late arrivals

We are unable to offer make-up lessons or give credit for missed days in any of our specialty programs

Payments and Security
A paid reservation and a valid credit card are required to guarantee any Skier Services product

The full amount for Skier Services products is charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking

To ensure the accuracy of your reservations and for security purposes, we prefer to speak directly with our guests. However, you may authorize another person to book and make changes to your reservations. Compliance with all policies will apply

Each family must have their own file and children must be booked under their parent or guardian’s name in order to ensure accuracy, security and privacy for our guests

Cancellations and Changes
If you need to cancel or change a reservation, you must call or speak directly with a Contact Center agent before 5 p.m. two (2) days prior to the start date in order to receive a full refund. There are no refunds for day-of cancellations or no-shows.

Weather and snow conditions are not viable reasons for cancellation. Appropriate fees will apply to lessons cancelled after the deadline

Skier Services products are non-transferable to another family member, friend or a different day
Please refer to this ski ability zone chart below when selecting a lesson.

SymbolAbilityAbility Detail
Ski First Time Symbol
First Timer (FT)Never skied before or is unable to stop in a wedge on the easiest of green trails.
Learning to stop in a wedge and turn in both directions for speed control.
Ski Beginner SymbolBeginner (BG)Can control speed by linking turns and stopping in a wedge on green terrain.
Learning to match skis and skid turns to explore green trails on the mountain.
Ski Advanced Beginner Symbol
Advanced Beginner (AB)Can link turns with mostly parallel skis to control speed.
Can stop when desired on ALL green and easy blue trails.
Learning to comfortably make parallel turns on blue terrain.
Ski Intermediate Symbol
Intermediate (IN)Can consistently make parallel turns to control speed on most blue terrain.
Working on technique in a variety of snow conditions, varying turn size and shape.
Learning to carve on blue terrain.
Advanced Ski Symbol - Black Diamond with Blue Square
Advanced (AD)Can carve parallel skis more than skidding.
Can vary turn size and shape as desired to control speed on ALL blue and double blue terrain.
Exploring black terrain.
Expert Ski Symbol - Black Diamond
Expert (EX)Can perform dynamic skiing in almost all conditions/terrain with confidence. Exploring extremes.

Ski Ability Zone Video
Age 3
Drop-off: 15 minutes prior to start of respective program in Children’s Center Fawn Room
Pick-up: Children’s Center Fawn Room

Age 4
Drop-off: 15 minutes prior to start of respective program in Children’s Center Bambi Room
Pick-up: Children’s Center Bambi Room

Ages 5-6
Drop-off: 15 minutes prior to start of respective program in Children’s Center Reindeer Room
Pick-up: On snow in yellow fenced area at bottom of Wide West run

Ages 7-12
Drop-off for First Timer & Beginner: 15 minutes prior to start of respective program at bottom of Burns Lift
Drop-off for Advanced Beginner - Expert: 15 minutes prior to start of respective program at top of Burns Lift
Pick-up: Bottom of Wide West run

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