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Deer Valley Resort is thrilled to announce that this winter season, participation in our exhilarating NASTAR program is entirely complimentary. Join us at our Race Course on Bald Mountain, adjacent to the Silver Lake Lodge, for a thrilling ski racing experience. Races will take place daily from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the Dual GS venue, weather and conditions permitting. A great way to access the course is to ride either the Sterling Express or Wasatch Express chairlift and ski down Birdseye run to the top of the Race Course. Our fun, competitive and easily accessible course allows racers of all ages to compete against each other or themselves in the pursuit to establish a personal record or improve their skills.

Guests may also participate in the NASTAR program at our race course, which is the largest recreational ski race program in the world. NASTAR stands for NAtional STAndard Race and gives recreational racers an opportunity to compete and compare their scores to friends and family regardless of when and where they race using the NASTAR handicap system. NASTAR was developed by SKI magazine in 1968 and now boasts more than 100,000 races at over 100 resorts around the country. Racers are scored by earning a handicap that represents their ability. The handicap provides participants with a tangible number, or handicap that is the percentage they are behind the time of the National Standard or National Pacesetter. Today, NASTAR is owned and operated by Outside Inc. NASTAR is bringing greater awareness to the sport and value to the industry while motivating participants of all ages to get involved in alpine racing. Now, enjoy this exceptional experience at no cost throughout the season!

Each time you race NASTAR, you could win a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze medal based on the handicap you earn. To expedite the registration process, please complete the Race Hill Release Form online at If interested in participating in the NASTAR race program, guests must also complete the NASTAR pre-registration process online in advance at For more information, please contact the Race Course start facility at 435-615-2443.

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Public/NASTAR racing will be closed on the dual course at the following times and dates:

10 AM - 12:30 PM
Jan. 26, Feb. 10, Mar. 4, Mar. 9, Mar. 28

10 AM - 1 PM
Jan. 2-4, Mar. 29, Apr. 6

12 - 3 PM

Jan. 11, Jan. 24, Feb. 3, Feb. 5-6, Mar. 3-4

Jan. 13-14, Jan. 20, Feb. 7-9, Feb. 15, Feb. 18, Apr. 6, Apr. 15-19
800-424-3337 | 435-649-1000

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