Published December 11, 2023

Dive into Season 2, Episode 1: Insider Tips on OverHerd at Deer Valley, where host Kaylin Richardson, a two-time Olympian and professional skier, meets with Jenna Sommers, a local expert and Homeowner Acquisition Manager, to share essential tips for an unforgettable Deer Valley experience. Whether you're a family, a big group of skiers, or taking a romantic ski getaway, Jenna's insider knowledge is invaluable.

Discover the best lodging options, unique benefits of Deer Valley properties, and tips for homeowners considering rental management. Get the inside scoop on exclusive services like Ski Butlers, Ship Skis and more in this insightful episode tailored for an optimal Deer Valley visit.

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Jenna discusses the benefits of staying in each of Deer Valley’s three mountain hubs: the Snow Park base, mid-mountain at Silver Lake Village, and higher up the mountain in Empire Pass.

Families with young children or those seeking beginner-friendly terrain find an inviting atmosphere here. A variety of lodging options, including ski-in/ski-out properties, ensures quick access to the slopes. This hub is ideal for ski school programs or travelers with beginners, offering convenient access to ski lessons for all ages.

This area presents a charming, slightly secluded vibe with breathtaking views, appealing particularly to couples seeking a romantic getaway. Notably, it hosts exceptional dining options like The Mariposa and Goldener Hirsch, providing top-notch cuisine within the area. Additionally, it offers intermediate slopes, catering to skiers seeking a balance between challenge and comfort.

Seasoned skiers and powder enthusiasts are drawn to its reputation for challenging terrain and steep slopes. Modern lodging options like Argent at Empire Pass and Empire Residences boast newer amenities and a fresher ambiance. Moreover, this area offers a quieter and more exclusive skiing experience, being less crowded compared to other parts of the resort.

Each area is designed to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring guests can select accommodations and experiences perfectly suited to their skiing skills, personal preferences, and the type of unforgettable vacation they're seeking at Deer Valley.