2024 Summer Season: June 14 - September 2, daily; then Fri. - Sun. through September 22, conditions permitting.
Spread over six mountains and featuring up to 3,000 vertical feet of elevation change, Deer Valley Resort offers nearly 60 miles of mountain bike trails, including four flow trails designed by Gravity Logic. Our fun and thrilling mountain bike trails are accessed via three chairlifts. Silver Lake Express chairlift at the base of the resort, Sterling Express located mid-mountain, and Homestake Express also located mid-mountain, provide access to a wide variety of excellent trails. Several of Deer Valley Resort’s mountain bike trails connect with Park City’s extensive 400-mile network of single track.

Deer Valley Resort invites you to elevate your mountain biking experience with our Twilight Ride Series, available on Tuesdays from June 18 to August 20, 2024, from 4 to 8 p.m. Additionally, explore our Adult Twilight E-bike Guided Tour Packages for $129, available with advanced reservation.
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Easier Intermediate
Expert Extreme

Downhill Freeride Trails
16 trails | Total of 22.6 mi.
9.2 mi.
5.0 mi.
8.4 mi.

Downhill Technical Trails
11 trails | Total of 10.05 mi.
2.5 mi.
2.55 mi.
5.0 mi.

/ Cross-country Trails
12 trails | Total of 18 mi.
1.0 mi.
16 mi.
1.0 mi.

Hiking Trails
6.5 mi.

Know Before You Go

Cancellation and Change Fees
· If you need to cancel or change a reservation, you must call or speak directly with a Skier Services agent before 5 p.m. (2) two days prior to each booked date in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations or changes made one to two days prior to the first day will receive a partial refund

· The following fees, per product, per person, per day, will be deducted prior to issuing a refund:

Bike Equipment Rentals: $25
Bike Equipment Late Fee: $10 per 15 minutes
Group Clinics/Tours: $25
Guided Hiking Tours: $20
Guided Historical Hikes: $10
Private Lessons: $50
Day-of and No-shows: Full amount per product

· There are no refunds for ‘day-of’ cancellations or no-shows

· Products are non-transferable to another family member, friend or a different day

· Weather conditions are not viable reasons for cancellation. Appropriate fees will apply to lessons canceled after the deadline

Payments and Security
· A paid reservation is required to guarantee any Skier Services summer product

· The full amount for summer products are charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking

· To ensure the accuracy of your reservations and for security purposes, we prefer to speak directly with our guests. However, you may authorize another person to book and make changes to your reservations. Compliance with all policies will apply

· Each family must have their own file and children must be booked under their parent or guardian’s name in order to ensure accuracy, security, and privacy for our guests

General Policies and Information
Lift tickets are required for every bike participant. Lift tickets are not included with private lessons, group clinics, tours or rentals unless otherwise noted

· Bike rental equipment is not included with any lesson unless otherwise noted

· Products may sell out at any time

· Minimum and accurate age requirements are strictly observed for each child’s safety. We reserve the right to move children to the appropriate ability zone and program based on their skill level or if it is determined that the child’s date of birth has been incorrectly stated

· Children placed in a program because their birth date is incorrectly stated are not guaranteed a place in the program. Parents will be called to pick up their children and cancellation fees will apply

· Liability forms, legibly completed by a parent or guardian, are required for any participant who is under the age of 18 years, whether renting a bike, bringing their own bike or taking a lesson. Please refer to the other links in your confirmation email for appropriate forms

· We cannot guarantee placement in a program, group clinic or tour with friends or relatives. To ensure a quality product, we must form classes based on age and ability zone

· Group clinics, guided tours and private lessons meet at Snow Park Lodge

· All activities begin promptly at their designated times. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes to arrange for equipment rentals and to arrive at your meeting location. We are not able to accommodate late arrivals. Refunds will not be issued

· We are not able to honor requests for a specific bike coach in any group clinic or tour

· A minimum of two participants is required per ability zone to hold the group clinic, or it converts to a two-hour private lesson beginning at the original start time

· Guided hiking tour participants should be in good shape, wear sturdy footwear, bring proper sun protection and carry plenty of water and snacks. For the safety of others who share the mountain, no dogs, please

· A Mountain Access Agreement and Release of Liability form is required for any participant who enrolls in the Guided Hiking programs
What are the best mountain bike trails for beginners?
For beginners, we recommend starting at the Skills Park near Silver Lake Lodge to gain confidence and hone your skills. Once you feel comfortable, progress to the Secrets of My Success trail, which serves as a great skill-testing route. Next, ride the Holy Roller trail accessible via the Sterling Express chairlift. These trails offer a seamless progression for beginners, allowing you to build confidence and have an enjoyable experience at Deer Valley.

What types of mountain biking trails should I ride?
When it comes to our mountain biking trails, there are two distinct types - Freeride trails and technical trails.

Freeride trails, including flow trails, are often wider than technical trails, containing enhanced and
modified terrain, obstacles, and features such as jumps, berms, banks, bridges, drops, etc. created from dirt, wood or other materials. Freeride trails may also incorporate technical trail features and designs.

Technical trails are often relatively narrow and contain features and characteristics found naturally occurring on the area property, its slopes, trails, and terrain. Technical trails may contain roots, gravel, rocks, logs, water crossings, jumps, drops and other natural characteristics and obstacles found in the natural environment, and may also include some man-made obstacles and bridges. Technical trails may also incorporate freeride trail features and designs.

For detailed information on the different terrain options available at Deer Valley, please refer to the Trail Progression Chart included on the summer trail map. It will provide you with valuable insights to help you choose the right trails for your skill level and preferences.

Are there any age restrictions for mountain biking?
No, there are no minimum age restrictions for mountain biking at Deer Valley Resort. In fact, lift tickets for children ages 4 and under are free with a paying adult.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for eBikes on the mountain bike trails?
Yes, eBikes rented from Deer Valley are allowed on all Deer Valley trails. Riders who rent from Deer Valley may access single-track and flow trails, following all directional rules.

Should I take a mountain bike lesson?
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, our experienced bike coaches can help you address any weaknesses, enhance your strengths, and ensure you understand the trail system and feel confident on the bike. By focusing on the fundamentals, riding the right trails, and having the appropriate mountain bike, you're sure to have an amazing time. We offer private mountain biking lessons, as well as morning and afternoon group clinics, and afternoon beginning packages for both adults and kids. Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or enjoy the energy of a group setting, we have the perfect lesson format for you.
Please refer to the chart below to define your downhill mountain biking ability.

SymbolAbilityAbility Detail
Mountain Bike Beginner - Green Circle
BeginnerLimited mileage on city streets and paved bike paths. Possesses little to no experience riding on downhill mountain bike terrain. Can demonstrate some balance and control on a bike and can apply the use of hand brakes. Working on fundamental downhill bike handling skills.
Advanced Beginner Symbol - blue square with green circle
Advanced BeginnerLimited experience on green and easy blue technical cross-country trails. Can demonstrate balance and control on a bike and can apply the use of hand brakes. Able to ride comfortably on green trails such as Holy Roller at slower speeds. Working on exploring more challenging intermediate terrain, while continuing to build upon bike fundamentals.
Mountain Bike Intermediate - Blue Square
IntermediateComfortable at slower speeds on blue technical and flow trails with roots, loose rocks and single tracks, while retaining balance, changing gears and braking instinctively. Looking to learn how to drop and jump safely and continuing to explore more advanced terrain.
Mountain Bike Advanced - Black Diamond with Blue Square
AdvancedComfortable on all blue technical and flow trails, while retaining balance, changing gears and braking instinctively at higher speeds on steeper, more challenging terrain. Has significant mileage on black technical and flow trails with jumps and drops. Working on improving technique on black jumps and technical features.
Mountain Bike Expert - Black DiamondExpertProficient on all black technical and flow jump trails. Very experienced, dynamic biker. Able to ride all trails confidently and quickly, while retaining balance, changing gears and braking instinctively at high speeds on steeper, more difficult terrain. Working on gaining experience on double black trails.
Mountain biking and hiking offer a range of challenges and adventures. Trail users can choose gentle scenic routes or challenging single track descents. Regardless of what type of terrain you select, remember that there are elements of risk in mountain biking and hiking; common sense and personal awareness can help to create a great trail experience for everyone. By mountain biking and hiking at Deer Valley Resort, trail users understand and acknowledge that mountain biking and hiking are hazardous sports with many inherent risks and assume all risks of personal injury as well as damage to or loss of property arising from participation in these sports.

    • Please be aware that even though a trail may be marked Easier, all trails still require basic mountain bike handling skills, mountain travel skills and physical fitness. Trails may be temporarily closed at any time due to construction and/or maintenance. Please obey signs for your safety. Bike and helmet rentals, repairs, riding instruction and tours are available. For information, please call 435-645-6648, 435-645-6606 or 888-754-8477.
      The easiest trail at Deer Valley that takes riders from the top of Homestake Express chairlift back to Silver Lake Village. This freeride trail is wide and bermed. Caution: slow riders!

      Ripple flows from the top of Bald Eagle Mountain to Snow Park Lodge. It is an easy and enjoyable route with berms and rollers descending to the base area of Deer Valley. Caution: slow riders!

      Holy Roller flows from the top of Bald Mountain to Silver Lake Village, providing riders an easy and fun option to descend the upper mountain terrain. Riders will experience easy rollers and berms. Caution: Slow riders!

      DEER CAMP: .75 MILE
      Deer Camp trail begins in the meadow and is located to the right of thedouble track on the way to Flagstaff Mountain. It is a technical and
      narrow scenic single trail trail through aspen groves.

      SUNSET: 1.25 MILES
      This non-traditional single track is a blend of freeride and technical terrain. Sunset has some tight twisting bermed turns rocky sections and
      flat corners. Access from Naildriver.

      Access is to the west from the top of the Sterling Express chairlift via Holy Roller. This trail has a blend of freeride and technical sections including bermed turns and steep rocky sections, twisting and turning sections and flat corners.

      SUPER G: .4 MILE
      Access from Naildriver to the right of the meadow. This single track has long turns through the aspens, rollers and berms.

      ANT PANTS: 900 FEET
      This short trail starts at the end of Undertow and takes riders to the bottom of the Carpenter chair lift. This trail is a tight technical single
      track trail.

      Access to Regulator is a few feet from the start of Secrets to My Success bythe top of Homestake lift. This trail features wide burms and jumps throughout and ends 1,000 ft. from the base intersecting Ripple.

      Tidal Wave begins at the top of Sterling Express chairlift, features amixture of large bermed turns with over 50 jumps of varying size, a wood
      bridge feature, and will make you feel like you are experiencing a rollercoaster on your mountain bike. This trail has intermediate and expert

      Tidal Wave begins at the top of Sterling Express chairlift, features amixture of large bermed turns with over 50 jumps of varying size, a wood
      bridge feature, and will make you feel like you are experiencing a rollercoaster on your mountain bike. This trail has intermediate and expert

      This expert flow trail is accessed at the top of Homestake Express chairlift and descends to the Snow Park base area. On this trail you will find steep berms, rollers and other features.

      PAYROLL: .6 MILE
      This trail begins off of Corvair and is a fast, flowing, narrow single track with a number of rollers, bermed turns, rock garden and a couple of drops. Early in the season, riders will find several water crossings.

      This tight, rocky and rooted single track through the aspens follows the Sterling Express chairlift down.

      Access from Lower Aspen Slalom. Very tight, twisting single track in the trees. The upper section is loose and rutted.

      Access from Tidal Wave to the right. Twist and Shout is a fast and thrilling, steep, and twisting single track with tight curves, jumps, berms and lots of roots. Upper Twist and Shout is freeride, lower is technical.

      The Dog Pound is a series of four trails named for Deer Valley’s avalanche dogs. These narrow trails contain freestyle features, bridges, ramps and skinnys.

      This technical trail contains bridges, roots, rocks, tight turns, ramps and other features.

      This fast, rocky and exhilarating single track starts off Devo and features a large bridge drop.

      DEVO: 1.1 MILES
      A tight, technical single track from the top of Bald Eagle Mountain to the Snow Park base area, this steep, rocky, and rooted trail has numerous turns and was part of the National Championship Series Sport Downhill course. Challenge yourself with an optional extreme route.

      Tsunami is a high-speed, expert level jump/flow trail and has the largest jumps, berms and wood bridge feature.
      This trail has tight, steep, rocky and rooted turns and a few drops.

      State Championship Downhill course. This trail is steep, with rocky and rooted sections and drops.

      This steep, rocky and rooted trail is very technical with drops.

      NCS: 1 MILE
      This trail is one of the most difficult downhill race courses in the country.

    • Please be aware that even though a trail may be marked Easier, all trails still require basic mountain bike handling skills, mountain travel skills and physical fitness. Trails may be temporarily closed at any time due to construction and/or maintenance. Please obey signs for your safety. Bike and helmet rentals, repairs, riding instruction and tours are available. For information, please call 435-645-6648, 435-645-6606 or 888-754-8477.

      Caution: Watch for hikers and two-way traffic on these trails!
      This series of paved trails surround the lakes just north of the Snow Park base area parking lots.

      26 total miles, the Deer Valley section is 5 miles. This popular stunning, scenic, single track trail traverses from Deer Valley to Park City Mountain and Canyons Village offering spectacular scenic vistas, lush forests and beautiful aspen groves. See Mountain Trails Foundation’s map at any Ticket Office.

      A mix of dirt road and single track beginning at Sterling Drive at Silver Lake, this wide trail follows ski runs through some of Deer Valley’s most beautiful homes. Riders can expect a few sections with rocks and roots.

      his single track trail connects Mid Mountain Trail and the Snow Park base area.

      Moose Bones is a rocky, cross-country trail that connects Road to Ruby to T.G. Caution: Watch for uphill traffic!

      This trail connects to the Flagstaff trail system accessing the Empire Canyon area. Caution: Watch for two-way traffic.

      Boulder, like it’s name, has lots of boulders and rocky sections with bermed turns and rollers. This is the least difficult trail down from the top of Flagstaff Mountain.

      This trail starts at top of Empire Pass and descends to the Empire Canyon area. This single track meanders through thick
      pine forests. Caution: Watch for uphill traffic!

      Access from Road To Ruby or Team Big Bear you will encounter a mix of uphill and downhill stretches of single track.

      Tour Des Suds is a true cross-country trail encircling Flagstaff Mountain mainly on single track. Access from Road To Ruby
      or Mid Mountain. Caution: Watch for uphill traffic!

      TBB is a cross-country trail that meanders through open meadows then drops through rugged forest. Access from
      Road To Ruby or the bottom of Mid Mountain. Caution: Watch for uphill traffic!
      T.G.: 1 MILE
      This trail begins off of Highway 224 and is one of the most difficult trails in the Empire and Flagstaff areas. It winds through thick pine forests with a beautiful view from below Daly Bowl and Chutes. Caution: Watch for hikers!

      These trails leave the chairlift-served area. Detailed maps are available at any Ticket Office.

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