Published December 26, 2023

Host Kaylin Richardson, a two-time Olympian and professional skier, gets the scoop on the diverse and rich culinary experiences at Deer valley from Vice President of Food and Beverage, Jacob Musyt. This season brings a host of exciting new offerings and updates, reflecting Deer Valley's commitment to exceptional dining experiences.

Highlights include the reintroduction of Cast & Cut | Seafood Dining, the resort's first 21+ retro ski bar in Royal Street, The Sticky Wicket, and various other updates from our Food and Beverage team. Additionally, the episode will touch upon the ongoing success of The Brass Tag and Fireside Dining, a menu change at The Mariposa, and the return of salad bars at day lodges.

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The podcast features Deer Valley's Vice President of Food and Beverage, Jacob Musyt, emphasizing the passion for culinary experiences and the importance of every staff member's dedication to delivering exceptional service.

Deer Valley adapts its dining experiences to changing times and guest preferences. There's a deliberate effort to evolve while retaining the essence of their classic offerings. For instance, revamping traditional spaces like the Royal Street Café to include a vintage ski bar creates new experiences while preserving the familiar.

The resort's commitment to detail extends beyond food quality to encompass ambiance and guest experiences. Upgrades and renovations in Silver Lake Lodge exemplify this dedication, aiming to provide updated, bright, and inviting spaces.

The introduction of the Creative Academy classes at the Deer Valley Café signifies a move toward inclusive experiences. Guests can participate in hands-on cooking classes, learning and taking home skills and recipes from Deer Valley.

The resort looks to the future with plans for expanded terrain and new dining spaces. Alongside culinary advancements, there's a focus on sustainability, including potential environmental initiatives like electric kitchens to reduce the resort's carbon footprint.

Future plans involve collaborations with renowned chefs for new dining experiences. Additionally, there's an enthusiasm for outdoor cooking techniques and a commitment to maintaining Deer Valley's renowned classics while incorporating innovative elements.

This episode highlights Deer Valley's commitment to evolving while staying true to its heritage, offering exceptional dining experiences, and incorporating additional sustainability measures into future plans.

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Person attending a cooking class at Deer Valley Resort.
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